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Inhalation is the only technical publication devoted exclusively to readers involved in development and production of pulmonary or nasal delivered pharmaceuticals.

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This Month's Focus: Instruments
A practical method for eliminating type I and type II errors when assessing the suitability for continued use of a cascade impactor (Free)
Both effective diameter and jet-to-plate criteria are required but the approach is easy.
General Features
Cross-Industry Organizations: An update on the activities of European COST Action SimInhale (Free)
SimInhale is a global network of inhalation experts launched in 2015.and includes 130 members from 27 countries.
A preview of the ISAM 2018 Symposium (Free)
ISAM will hold the one-day symposium “Updates and Controversies Related to Inhaled Aerosols” on May 18, 2018 in San Diego, CA, US.
An overview of general chapter development for oral and nasal drug products (OINDPs) at the US Pharmacopeia (USP): Part 1—Normative chapters <5>, <601>, <602>, <603> and <604> (Free)
This is the first article of a two-part series that provides an overview of the work currently undertaken by members of the Aerosols Sub-Committee at the USP, focusing on recent updates to the normative and informative chapters within the committee’s remit.
Previewing Drug Device Combination Products (Free)
Drug Device Combination Products will take place June 14, 2018 as part of the MedTech Summit, June 11-15 in Brussels, Belgium.
Back Page: Humble giant of cascade impactors, Virgil A. Marple; August 16, 1939 to December 24, 2017 (Free)
We count ourselves unbelievably fortunate to have worked with, been mentored by, traveled with and laughed with Virgil Alan Marple over a significant portion of his professional career.
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Cross-industry organizations
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Meeting expectations for FDA nasal spray Q3 structural equivalence
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