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This Month's Focus: Contract Testing and Product Development
Evaluating simulated patient use in realistic nasal airway models for the in vitro characterization of nasal spray products (Free)
A review of efforts to characterize nasal sprays and highlights of VCU’s studies developing realistic in vitro testing methods.
Regulatory considerations for cybersecurity and data privacy in digital health and medical applications and products (Free)
Proliferation of products, applications and services that collect personal and health-related information is giving rise to new regulatory rules and requirements.
General Features
The Inhalation and Nasal Technology Focus Group: Evolving to meet the needs of its scientific community (Free)
The INTFG has supported presentations at conferences and plans future events.
Previewing the Inhalation & Respiratory Drug Delivery USA Congress 2018 (Free)
The Inhalation & Respiratory Drug Delivery USA Congress 2018 will take place March 12-13 in San Diego, CA, US.
A preview of RDD® 2018 (Free)
Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD®) 2018 will be held at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona, April 22-26, 2018.
Back Page: High maternal sugar intake during pregnancy associated with allergy and allergic asthma in children (Free)
Nearly 9,000 mother/child pairs showed strong positive associations between free sugar intake and allergy and allergic asthma.
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Assessing cascade impactors: Eliminating type I and type II errors
Back Page: Remembering Virgil Marple
Cross-industry organizations: Siminhale
ISAM 2018 Symposium
Issue Focus: Instruments
Special Section: Education
USP general chapter development for OINDPs: Normative chapters
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